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L.B. Plast is an entirely Italian manufacturer of plumbing products for kitchen sinks.

Reliabilityflexibility and a broad range of products made L.B. Plast one of the leading manufacturers of traps and wastes for kitchen sinks on both the national and the international market.

L.B. Plast started out as a small artisanal workshop engaged in plastic moulding. The company soon specialised in the production of plumbing products for composite and stainless steel sinks, and became an exclusive partner of some of the most prestigious sink manufacturers in the world.

Broadening its range of products and seeking new foreign markets has recently allowed L.B. Plast to become partners with wholesale dealers as well.

The company has two plants, both located in the province of Padua. The plastic moulding process takes place in Conselve, while the components are then assembled, packaged and stocked in Tribano.

Throughout the production process L.B. Plast uses European raw materials only. Moulding presses and other machinery come from the most renowned European and Japanese manufacturers.

More than 30 years after its foundation, L.B. Plast is still very flexible and customer-oriented and does not hesitate to offer customized solutions.


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